Just memories

by Victoria Ramsey

I feel your tiny kisses as they’re smothering my face
The corners of my mouth turn up at the feel of your embrace
Enjoying your warm breath as I feel it in my ear
The sensations of your warm hands as they caress my skin
The firm insistence of your knees between my trembling thighs
The warm saltiness of tear drops as they escape my eyes
I prolong opening my morning eyes for I know that you’re not here
When did you leave, or did I go, it’s not clear in my mind
How did you get so far ahead while I was left behind?

Pallet art, Texas flag, easy project.

I have tried my hand at pallet art and find I enjoy the hunt, the creativity, and definitely the results. In one day I made a Texas flag, complete with tattered fabric, and a small table for my porch. I found this old concrete stepping stone buried in a flower bed, glad I saved it. The 4×4 legs are leftover from wooden steps I installed in the back yard.

Pallet art, Texas flag, easy project.

another door will open

by Victoria Ramsey

Sitting on the porch listening to the rain on the roof above
contemplating my future, is it filled with lonliness or love?
Thinking where my life has been, the good roads and the bad
Did I share the good times and did I share the sad?
Open doors, was I invited or did I just push my way in
Closed doors, did I walk away or did I knock again
I’ve made plenty of bad choices in the bricks I chose to use,
to build this wall that I’ve erected, seperating me from you


Running in circles………

by Victoria Ramsey

I know I could, I could, I could
and perhaps I should, I should, I should
Maybe later…. no I can’t, I can’t, I can’t
If I had time I would, I would, I would
or perhaps I shan’t, I shan’t, I shan’t
I know I could, I know I should
Right now I’m busy so I can’t
If I find time maybe I would
As it stands, I think I shan’t

Always Running

by Victoria Ramsey

Of stories and honesty, untruths and crazy dreams
My thoughts they race like pinballs, they soar and they careen
My dreams they come a crashing down, my heart begins to shatter
You cannot seem to understand, it doesn’t seem to matter
Lets end it here and walk away, me bowed beneath the weight
You off and running to new hearts, afraid you will be late