The Storm

The Storm

by Victoria Ramsey

The wind blows with gale force strength, blowing my thoughts away like leaves upon the currents
Pelting rains scrub my dreams, leaving puddles at my feet. Naked, alone, I am bent into the wind, struggling to retain my balance
I see you before me, arm outstretched. I reach for you, grasping, fingers splayed
Our fingertips touch, a smile lights your face. You retract your arm and watch as the winds pick me up, like a balloon, buffeted by the breeze
I am carried away to new places, never allowed to stay long. I circle above watching as you continue your journey through time. Wondering always what was meant to be.
Will the day come when you will reach up and grasp my string, walking proudly through life, me drifting along in your wakeImage

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