Being grownups….

You can take the furniture, and you can take the tools
Don’t forget the coffee can filled with bolts and screws
I don’t want the washer, I don’t need the dryer
Don’t forget your guns, I’ve always found them scarey
I’m sorry that this didn’t work, so glad we didn’t marry
I’m pleased that we can work this out like the grown ups
that we are
Hey, wait a minute Mr, thats MY icecream

that you’re taking to your car!


Under Cover

I crawled under the covers, pulled the quilt above my head
I could no longer bear to listen to the cruel things he said
He tore me into pieces, he shredded up my heart
When he was finished he walked away,
tears streaming down his face
He did exactly what I’d do if I’d been in his place

My journey to Hell

He encouraged me to look him in the eye, not to duck my face
To be proud of the scars that have woven a tapestry on my body
A story depicting the journey of a trip to hell and back,
of battles fought, bridges crossed over pits of fire
Steaming, sweating battles against the demon spawn
Scrimmages with delirium, held hostage by short bouts of death
I scaled the cliffs of this great void and entered into the light
Painted with a mural detailing this defeated plight

Gathering storms

Sparrows huddling in the shrubs
small brown leaves swirling in the wind
black clouds closing in, chasing all the gray away
wind chimes clanging to the conductor of the winds
mother nature once again reacting to my mood
will she pour down pelting rains
to mimic all my tearsImageGath

My dementia

I was just diagnosed with dementia
its hard for me to remember things, hard to hold a thought
When the doctor first told me this I thought

My God, this is like the movie 1,000 First Dates, love that flick

I forget where I put things, I make lots and lots of lists

when I gather them up they all say the same thing,
at least I am consistent
I’m told that I repeat things,
Did I tell you I was diagnosed with dementia?
My children have no patience, they frequently just snap
I find it’s so much easier if I just smile and laugh
The best thing about dementia is that tomorrow
I will forget to be upset
I put things on the stove and forget that I did
I once boiled eggs for hours, yah, enough said
I frequently get lost and don’t know where I am
I do love an adventure, thank God for GPS
I’ve been told that I’m demented, I’m been hearing that for years
Did I tell you I suffer from dementia, at least thats what I think I heard

Disclaimer: I am making fun of no one but myself. If this upsets you please forgive me.
I prefer a good laugh to a good cry.

Angel wings

Growing older isn’t always graceful
it changes many things
I’ve noticed that this past year
my upper arms have developed flabby things
My grand kids think they’re funny
“Gram, what are these things?”
I tell them that they are my brand new angel wings
“Gram what are they used for?”
they’re used for doing angel things….