My dementia

I was just diagnosed with dementia
its hard for me to remember things, hard to hold a thought
When the doctor first told me this I thought

My God, this is like the movie 1,000 First Dates, love that flick

I forget where I put things, I make lots and lots of lists

when I gather them up they all say the same thing,
at least I am consistent
I’m told that I repeat things,
Did I tell you I was diagnosed with dementia?
My children have no patience, they frequently just snap
I find it’s so much easier if I just smile and laugh
The best thing about dementia is that tomorrow
I will forget to be upset
I put things on the stove and forget that I did
I once boiled eggs for hours, yah, enough said
I frequently get lost and don’t know where I am
I do love an adventure, thank God for GPS
I’ve been told that I’m demented, I’m been hearing that for years
Did I tell you I suffer from dementia, at least thats what I think I heard

Disclaimer: I am making fun of no one but myself. If this upsets you please forgive me.
I prefer a good laugh to a good cry.


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