Misspent Youth

I remember in the eighth grade we rode the roller coaster sixteen times one day
we laughed so hard Moreen got bird poop in her mouth. We laughed harder.
My crazy friend in high school loved adventure as much as I did.
We climbed the water tower amid a thunder shower, lightening our only guide.
I made her climb behind me is case she slipped, always thinking of safety first.
We skinny dipped on a moonless night and swam across the Sumner Pits,
never sure that we could make it, we barely did
We sat out on a dock in the U P and watched a lightening storm
We ran away a time or two, I’m sure that it was more
We borrowed our parents cars before we learned to drive
The first time that we drank I downed two bottles of Sloe Gin
and got my stomach pumped, missed a great concert
We went parking on a country road and made out with our boyfriends while
“Rhapsody in the Rain” was playing on the radio and rain pelted the windows.
I was sure I was in love, carried away in the moment
I lost my virginity at seventeen, why did I feel so old?
We planned to write a book titled “1001 ways to lose friends or how not to make them”
not sure why we never did, being experts on the subject
We never had a boring time, not sure how we survived
If I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing


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