Angels Kisses

Walking throught the forest, snowshoes hold my feet
The hush in the heart country filling me with awe
Snow filled duvet blanketing the ground
Small clearing between the pines
I point my face toward Heaven
Wet Angels kissses landing on my lips
Whispered prayers sent above
carried on wind wings
I wished for peace and comfort
I found them in these woods


I can’t bear to pull the petals
of your lovely pink
it was all that I could manage
to break your fragile stem
and place you in a pot
for my selfish viewing
I wish I’d let you live
knowing you can’t tell me
if he loves me or notDSCF2743

Lovely Pink

Taken with Your Elegance


If I stopped to visit you, would you invite me to come inside
I’m taken with your elegance, dazzled by your style
Such a grand old lady, I’m sure you’ve much to say
How lonely you must feel since they’ve all gone away
Standing in your faded dress, your makeup almost gone
Will no one come to groom you, restore your aging flair
Open up your windows replace that stuffy air
Sand and paint and plaster, straighten out your bones
Dress you in the colors and fabrics of your day
Fire burning in your hearth, you’ll no longer be alone
Filled with love and laughter, you will once again be home

Numbered Days


Don’t tie me to your expectations
don’t weight me with your guilt
This is my life, my days are numbered
I may struggle, stumble and I may fall
Let me have my jubilations
I need to use these numbered days
oblivious of their expiration