Sliding downhill

I stand on the top, look down so very far below
A small step forward, the sand shifts
I begin my slide down hill
arms outstretched hands grasping air
nothing to slow my descent
momentum carries me forward
I bend my knees, try to sit
dig my feet into the sand
tumbling head over heels
faster and faster
spiraling out of control
how long will it take to hit the bottom
when will this journey endImagei


Dementia, I’m not a pinball wizard


My brain is like a pinball machine
each thought ricocheting around setting off alarms
never staying on course long enough to
reach its intended destination
Every time a thought touches on something
it causes another thought to shoot out
on another course
No conclusions are ever reached
reverberations, alarms, thoughts
colliding with one another
Total chaos until it goes tilt
And then I rest