Memory comes


Your memory comes at me like moths beating against the light
Battering battering until there is no more flight
When the day light comes I rest until you once again turn on the light


Oh that I had wings

Oh that I have wings to soar upon the wind
alight upon a building and watch the folks below
sleep upon a mountain top surrounded by the stars
I’d build my nest in the branches of a majestic old Oak tree
I’d traverse the world upon a whim, let nothing hold me back
When I tired of traveling I’d select another treeImage



I’ve been very blessed, places I have visited, things I got to see
Eiffel tower in Paris, Moulin Rouge, Tour de France, Le Mont Saint Michel
Sherwood Forest, the Black Forest of Austria, and Oxford University
Flea markets in Brussels, Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid, most of Germany
Blenheim Palace and the seals in the North Sea
I find that in the twilight of my life, home is where I want to be
my only regret is that I have no one to share this life with me

Chocolate Eyes


I fell
tumbling over and over into your deep chocolate eyes
heavy saturated passion holds me captive
incapable of pulling back, no turning away
ensconsed completely in your heavy lidded gaze
self imprisoned by my love for you
no desire to escape


Finding Words

Why is it so easy to write about my broken heart
to tell the entire world how you tore it all apart
Yet, I can’t find the words to describe
a glorious sunrise, the aroma of a rosebush
or the breath taking view from my first glider ride
Why can’t I find the words to help me get over you