It’s Just Dust

Sweeping up the pieces of all my broken dreams.
I find that there are few, they’re mostly smashed to dust.
There aren’t enough to rebuild, nothing to redeem.

This shattered pile has lain in the bottom of my heart.
I’m not strong enough to pick it up, not sure where to start.

The sun came up this morning, a gigantic golden orb.
No longer is my world muted, it’s easier to absorb.

I’ll continue sweeping, clear out all this dust.
When this job is finished I’ll find another love.
This one based on honesty, not on simple lust.

Victoria Ramsey@2014

Pretty Pastel Dress

Mother Nature slips into her finery,
a pretty pastel floral dress,
dabs on a bit of her favorite
lavender and lilac scent.

She pulls the shades of winter to
allow the sunshine in.
The weather warms the earth,
begins Springs cycle once again.

Baubles of emerald sprout on
no longer dormant trees.
Gardens erupt in kaleidoscopic color.
Flowers dancing in the breeze.

Birds unseen all winter long,
busy building nests in chosen bower.
Humming birds and butterflies gather
nectar while kissing every flower.

Flowers show their faces,
smiling at the sun.
Baby chicks come out to play
as shells become undone.



Sun sets on the horizon, shades of red and gold
Wind dies down, the waves subside, the seagull are less bold
Crabs scurry on damp sand at the waters edge
The tide has ebbed, sea still and glass
I breathe in salty air and listen to the night


Cloaked in Satin

DSCF6182Cocooning layers of satin,
my favorites pink and red.
You’re prickly and your scent,
such beautiful bouquet.

Layer by layer you expose yourself,
bared to sun and wind.
Once you reveal your heart to the world,
your petals fall, resigned.

Poem copyright protected, and the property of Victoria Feathers, and not to be used without permission.

Spiders-web of Dreams

My memories of you? I packed them up and
built myself a pyre, where they could do not harm.
When I thought of you it burned a hole,
and left ashes in my heart.
I no longer feel, your memories no longer raw.

You wove a spidersweb of dreams and then you
lit them up. A smile on your cruel lips as your
vacant eyes watched them burn.
In the ashes where you belong,
how do you keep creeping back?