She Sits


She Sits

Sitting in that big chair staring into space,
jaw clenched tight, you can see the pain in her eyes.
Stereo blasts around her yet she is totally oblivious to its noise.

Watch her closely and see her eyes following her thoughts.
Expressions flash across her face as she relives chapters of her life.
This is how she whiles away her days, longing for bedtime.

Reliving vast segments, searching for answers, answers that elude her.
When did her life take this left turn, abandoning her here alone, grasping and clutching.
Reliving, rewriting and trying desperately to reinvent history.
Surrounded by family that can’t see her, don’t hear her, and won’t reach
out to take a grasping hand and pull her back.
Left to linger on the fringes of life, observing herself, feeling the pain,
unable to offer a hand….


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