A Heart of Blue

I sit and contemplate....

I sit and contemplate….

Blue skies and oceans, the greatest part of our world,
centuries expended pondering their depths.
Crystal clear, ice blue: the color of truth and wisdom.
The blue skies of Heaven witness to faith and trust.
Oceans of cerulean blue, measure of Gods loyalty to man.

Your blue heart broken a time or two, restored by hope and faith.
Prayers answered, you arrived like a whisper in my heart.
I share my heart with you completely, you, my gift from God.
I look at you and know that I can trust the heart that shatters
shades of blue.

– See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/11774211-A-Heart-of-Blue-by-VictoriaFeathers#sthash.hA1PW6Mf.dpuf


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