Silver Linings


I have known you all of my life, our lives
woven together as the silver strands of an
intricate spiders web.

Play dates scheduled in the park.
We arrived in prams with silver spoke wheels.
Best friends all through school. Shared birthday
parties, pinkie promises, broken hearts and proms.

Separated by colleges on different coasts we
came together for holidays and summer breaks.
We’d pick up where we left  off.
We hugged and cried together over marriages,
child rearing, and divorces. We held each other up,
became each others silver lining.

Today as I said good bye to you I picked a silver thread
of your hair off the shoulder of your blue dress.
I watched them drive you away in the black hearse,
tears streaming down my face.
I will miss you friend and I will see you soon.

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