Streetlights Glow

I watch snow flakes land on my black wool coat.
The intricate shapes, so diverse, mesmerize me.
I close my eyes, turn my face into the snow, my
tongue peeks out to taste the flakes on my lips.

An overwhelming urge to left my arms to the sky
overtakes me.
I twirl in the snow, embracing the cold and the
promise of you.

Time passes, I fear peeking at my watch.
My feet cold, frozen toes beseech me to look.
All desire to dance in the snow long gone,
along with the euphoria of the promised

I force my hand from my warm pocket, it takes
all of my will to look at my watch.
Tears freeze in my lashes as I stand frozen in time.
This corner will not release me, I can’t make my
feet move. They refuse to carry me away just as
my mind refuses to accept that you are not coming.

I hold tightly to the limp rose, fingers too stiff
to open and drop it into the deepening snow.
Streetlights now cast a glow as I continue to wait.

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