Naked in the Field


You stand naked in the field all winter long
Shaking in the cold, swaying with the wind
Your old bones creaking and snapping
Occasionally offered a fluffy white robe to
cover yourself

The season is changing, Spring is moving in
Put on your chartreuse sequins, cover your nudity
Soak up the sun and warm your frozen limbs
Spread your arms to welcome back the nesting birds,
the lovers that kneel beneath you in secrecy
Stand alone no longer exposed to the countryside

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Some Days…


Some days are warm and fluffy, light bounces all around.
Some days are cold and brittle, dark clouds overhead.
Some days the sun shines just enough for contentment,
it encourages the icicles to drip, elongating to touch the
ground, suspended no longer in mid air.

Amidst the worst of it the air is heavy, desolate, complete
and total silence.
Breath catches in the lungs, freezes the heart.
Feet are leaden, too heavy to lift, motion stilted,
as though you are trying to walk into the wind.
Going nowhere, frozen in time.

Eventually the sun reappears and everything changes.
Feet are lighter, the heart thaws, breathing is automatic,
sunlight warms your face.
The sky is blue and birds sing, life becomes cliche.

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Beautiful Woman

Beautiful woman in the pink dress
dancing before the moon
I cannot take my eyes from you
as you sway to the twilight symphony
Brilliant diamonds dripping from your ears
glimmering like stars scattered on black satin
Moonlight is your partner, illuminating
your waltz across the oceans dance floor
Oh beautiful lady your elegance
draws crowds to the sandy shore
These lovers of the blue sky matinee
forsake the city at night
to watch you dance before the moon


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Mamas Gone

No more echoes down long hallways
No more sliding down the balustrade

Gone the smell of frying bacon
Gone the welcome lap I perched on

She took with her her wise  green eyes
adapted to discern my cunning lies

She took with her arms open wide
a loving place to be held and cry

She left behind memories to share,
her lilac scent lingers in the air

Her scent will soon  surely fade
I will retain our memories made

Mama’s gone to meet her Glory
to begin another perfect story