Some Days…


Some days are warm and fluffy, light bounces all around.
Some days are cold and brittle, dark clouds overhead.
Some days the sun shines just enough for contentment,
it encourages the icicles to drip, elongating to touch the
ground, suspended no longer in mid air.

Amidst the worst of it the air is heavy, desolate, complete
and total silence.
Breath catches in the lungs, freezes the heart.
Feet are leaden, too heavy to lift, motion stilted,
as though you are trying to walk into the wind.
Going nowhere, frozen in time.

Eventually the sun reappears and everything changes.
Feet are lighter, the heart thaws, breathing is automatic,
sunlight warms your face.
The sky is blue and birds sing, life becomes cliche.

– See more at:…-by-VictoriaFeathers#sthash.1anWkceE.dpuf


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