All the babies…


Cherry blossoms

Scented blossoms gliding on the breeze
float to the earth like snow
My footsteps across the petals release
the heavenly aroma of pears

Oh, if snow could be this lovely
I would live in winter forever
Then I remind myself that soon the
cherry blossoms will follow suit

WPC – Ephemeral

Blowing bubbles……bubble4


The Scent of Spring

I could smell the blossoms before I located the trees that held that wonderful aroma. The scent pulled me along the trail that led to the white blossoms. Two days later I returned and the tree had lost its white. I imagined the romance of white petals drifting to earth like falling snow….


One Four Challenge – April

barn2luling 064





Kissing Flowers

Butterflies kissing flowers, whispering to the daisy.
Thanking them for sweet nectar while savoring their honey.
Fluttering on gossamer wings, they flit from bud to blossom.
Dancing on the petals, they pollinate the flowers.
Wings outstretched they’re carried on the breeze.
All colors of the rainbow, they settle in the fields.
They sip the dew from buttercups and hide amid the sage.
The sun comes up and dries their wings, they begin to flitter.
The pageantry of the butterflies fills the air like glitter.

Poem copyright protected and the property of Victoria Ramsey.

Not to be used without permission.



I fly alone…..

cloud cover bw.jpg1


Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

The morning fog slips across the lake to the house across the road. Hauntingly beautiful and fortunatelyephemeral short lived.


this way and that way…….