Perhaps I Can Sleep

We danced across the lawn
You urged me to look into the shadows
that fell across my life
You graciously lit your lamp on my darkness
and took away my fear

I shared with you my secrets, bared my soul
I stood emotionally naked before you
You judged me not
I climb into bed exhausted
Perhaps I can sleep
You turn out the light
as you duck behind a cloud
Goodnight Moon

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5 thoughts on “Perhaps I Can Sleep

    1. I have no idea of how to write properly, never learned. I just write my thoughts. Did you study writing? It seems too complicated for me. I will check out your site. Thank you so much for your kind compliment. Have a wonderful day.

      1. I did take one writing class way back in in high school but I have read enough of others works to know what I like. And some days I can even articulate why 🙂

      2. See you’re way ahead of me. I don’t read others work or fuss with mine. I write it and am done. I find that if I read others works I can’t write at all. I think I get confused and can’t write like them and can’t write anything. It’s like I am trying on their shoes and they don’t fit. Does that make sense? Your work is good.

      3. It does make sense really but those I read are people in my news feed, you know my digital community. I do it out of showing support but I learn structure and such from them. Me? I write what I feel, have experienced and try to mate the two into a conversation but first I want to paint a picture, not a story or prose. Your stuff is very good but write for you because those who enjoy it will never tell you or if they do you won’t believe them 🙂
        I appreciate you responding and Write On! ~ John

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