Personal Prompt – day eleven blogging 101

For many years I have dreamed of retiring to a small village in the Alps, probably Italian. I’m not particular about where, although I prefer no snow. In my fantasy it is always warm, not hot or cold. I live in a small villa, with vineyards on one side of my mountain and sheep grazing the other side.
I begin my daily routine with a walk to the small local village with my basket on my arm. I gather my supplies for the day; bread, cheese, vegetables, and wine. I stop at the cafe and drink espresso and visit with the locals before I begin my walk home. As I make my way home I gather wildflowers and place them in my basket. I sit on a large boulder along the narrow road and watch the sheep wander the hillside. I daydream about painting the scene knowing that I never will. I have my camera with me at all times and see much of my world through it’s lens.
I spend my days gardening,reading. and writing on the terrace that overlooks the valley below. I sip wonderful wine in the evening as I watch the sunset. My dogs and I are very content here with our tranquil life style and have no desire for anything else. We love company and welcome visitors to our home. Won’t you come soon?


8 thoughts on “Personal Prompt – day eleven blogging 101

      1. Bags are packed. I am not a wine fri jet either stuffs me up cant breathe when i tried it. I nice cold glass of lemonade sounds good

      2. Well I have to say after reading my comment it looks like I may have been drinking. but I just meant as I am sure you got that I do not drink wine. LOL

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