Writing 101 day 2 -My Small Room With a View

from the porch 025Sitting here in early evening sipping my Cafe au Lait watching life happening around me I know I was meant for this life of people watching. Others are sitting at small cafe tables sipping wine, some alone, some in pairs. Paris, France.

The mimes performing in the streets, looking like statues with occasional subtle movements startle unknowing strollers. I watch the beautifully coiffed and dressed couples alight from automobiles and enter the Opera House. Me, I am content to sit across the street and watch. I admire the splendid architecture of the building, the wide welcoming stairways, and the roof structures.

The waiter brings me another cafe and an ice cream. He knows me, a regular here in the evening. I stay in a hotel several blocks away, not able to afford the pricey Grand Hotel that houses the Cafe de la Paix. I don’t mind, as long as they don’t mind my sitting here nightly for hours, sipping their small cups of cafe.

I have made many wonderful acquaintances from around the world as I have sat here. We exchange stories and adventures and promise to stay in touch, knowing we never will. It seems suiting to pretend. They will soon return to their homes as I shall mine. Does this sadden me, no, not at all?

When I return to my small home, in a small town in Texas with my small life I am content. I will sit on my porch, overlooking the small lake, just feet from my house and I will watch nature instead of people. I was meant for this life. I enjoy sipping my evening tea while watching the antics of the geese and birds that populate the lake. I am surrounded by my beautiful gardens instead of small cafe tables and sight seers. I make friends with the deer, horses, birds and occasional bunnies that visit. I don’t have street mimes that stand like statues but I have Great Blue Heron that stand on the shoreline and watch me garden.

This is my life, where I am meant to be. I have traveled widely, seen sights that dazzled my eyes and made my mind run wild. Now I am older, tired, and content. Yes this is my corner of the world, it’s where I sit and travel the world in my mind. I am always happy to return home to my small porch in my small town.


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