Day Seven – Give and Take

This is a conversation between a teacher, Ms. Jackson, and her students. She asks a six-year-old student, Allie, about plans for her future.

Ms. Jackson “Allie what do you think that you would like to be when you grow up?”
Allie – Very serious and thoughtful. “I want to be a baby doctor, a singer, and either the president or a waitress.”
Ms. Jackson – Hiding her smile and attempting not to laugh. “That is interesting. You’re going to be busy. Why either the president or a waitress?”
Allie – Thinking deeply “Which one do you think makes more money?”
Ms. Jackson – Very seriously “Well I’m not sure. The waitress gets tips for doing a good job and the job is more honorable”
Allie “What does honorable mean?”
Ms. Jackson “It means being honest, telling the truth. Being a good person.”
Allie “Then I want to be a good waitress and make more money.”

Ms. Jackson tries so hard not to lose it and laugh. She turns her back on young Allie to hide her smile.

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