Writing 101 Day Fourteen- To whom it may concern

Dear Plunge:

Plunge, I remember, like it was yesterday, you told me to jump. You promised I would not regret it. WELL you are half right; it’s the other half that I am upset about.

I have been plunging all of my life: into two marriages, into bad career choices, moves around the country, crazy relationships, bizarre hairstyles, and the list goes on. I once plunged into a deep dark lake in the middle of the night, skinny dipping after a night of drinking with friends, two of us, swimming across the gravel pit lake. Unfamiliar with the layout of the lake we swam for what seemed like forever. I was sure I would drown before I reached the other side. Thanks Plunge, you and your great advice.

In all honesty, I realize that I am capable of using my own judgement, but I rather like the idea of placing all the blame squarely on your shoulders. There have been occasions where I was fortunate that I plunged right in. Had I taken time to overthink opportunities, I tend to do this; I would certainly have regretted the missed opportunities.

I had intended this note to tell you that I am extremely upset with you. Well, I plunged right in without thinking it through. I must admit I have had an ah-ha moment, a revelation. I am thankful to you for your wonderful advice. I have had many opportunities that could have been missed had it not been for you.

Thank you Plunge, I appreciate you.


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