Angry Clouds

Hands reached out to touch the heavy dark clouds, grasping greedily.

Too much, the belly split and innards spewed upon the earth.

Anguished screams ripped across the silence as silver swords clashed,

fencing  across brown fields.

Angry, injured clouds bled down upon the land for days, relentless.

The land soaked it up until saturated, sated.

Rivers, gullies, sewers systems regurgitated the angry brew.

Overflowing banks of raging waters carried away all in its path;

homes, cattle and cowering people: sweeping them on currents,

tossing them into rocks, pushing them below just to snatch them back,

giving false hope.

Day after day the angry clouds spewed torrents of semen; heaving,

thrusting, shouting.

Terrified we gathered on bended knee apologizing for begging  rains to quench our parched lands.



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