Sometimes I get carried away

Parachuting across my life

Dangling from a thread

Legs kicking happily beneath me

The view is breathtaking from up here

Wind currents carry me to new highs

I soar above the sordid elements

Can only touch the sky

Run my toes through cotton clouds

Catch raindrops with my tongue

Gravity always pulls me back

Grabs my legs and jerks me down

Spectacular blue replaced by dingy gray

Feet walk in soot, head swirls with smog

Sun doesn’t shine here and birds don’t fly



Your Memory

I broke my toe kicking your memory

Tired of tripping over it constantly

Refusing to fall flat on my face

Supplying fodder for your laughter

I washed my face with tears

Eye faucets turned on high

Pouring over porcelain skin

Dripping down my chin

I stuck fingers in my ears

Lalalalalala I cannot hear

Your cruel words can’t pierce me

Their blades won’t rip my heart

The burning lust I felt for you

Has left me high and dry

Stuff your ego back into your jeans

And pull the zipper high

@Victoria Feathers 2015

Time Heals

My reality

You were just a raindrop in a puddle
Lightening flash across the sky
My romantic illusion
Tear drop slipping from my eye

We came together in the night
the passing of two ships
Words that I had longed to hear
Never crossed your lips

It seemed a lifetime full of pain
I felt I’d never heal
I look back through the memories
And wonder was it real

No Rain in Sight

The dry dusty earth would cry out for rain if her
voice was not parched, burnt from the sun
Her ashy, arid skin just dust picked up and
and carried by hot dry winds
Burnt foliage crumbling into dandruff
Falling to the crispy cracked earth
Small lakes now reduced to puddles
Boats pulled to shore, languishing
Mud puddles, dry, fissured resembling
crushed egg shell
Birds circling endlessly, searching for water
to drink and bathe
Victoria Ramsey @2015

Your Ego

I stepped in a puddle and slipped all around

Luckily I held my footing

It was your ego that had overflowed

And puddled around you, sad

I stood a bit waiting for my heart rate to slow

Listening to your spiel

I caught your eye, smiled and stepped gingerly

Across the worst of the slime to make my getaway

Poem copyright protected and the property of Victoria Ramsey.

Not to be used without permission.


A very tiny opening, a pin hole, is all it took

To worm your way into my good side

I knew you were bad, the worst, they say

Girls like bad boys, not me, I’ve had my share

Tentacles wrapped around my heart, my brain,

Destroying any good sense I may have had

Overstepping all boundaries I set for myself

You moved right into my life, no room left for me

@2015 Victoria Feathers

Fairy Tales

When you first kissed me I fell under you spell
Whispering that my ruby red lips tasted like sweet
dark cherries basking in the sun
You licked your lips and smiled before continuing
to pick the cherries with your teeth and savor them
with your tongue

Your rough hand stroked my naked arm, you said you
could feel the summer sun in my skin
Skin the color of gently toasted marshmallows and just
as sweet
Me enchanted by your voice and the rhythm of your hands

I fell in love with you that week on the beach, my summer fling
You adored me, called me your beauty, I felt beautiful and adored
I gave my heart completely and my body followed suit
I still remember the scent of you and the taste of you kisses
Thank you for teaching me that love is more than a fairy tale

Poem copyright protected and the property of Victoria Ramsey.

Not to be used without permission.