Fairy Tales

When you first kissed me I fell under you spell
Whispering that my ruby red lips tasted like sweet
dark cherries basking in the sun
You licked your lips and smiled before continuing
to pick the cherries with your teeth and savor them
with your tongue

Your rough hand stroked my naked arm, you said you
could feel the summer sun in my skin
Skin the color of gently toasted marshmallows and just
as sweet
Me enchanted by your voice and the rhythm of your hands

I fell in love with you that week on the beach, my summer fling
You adored me, called me your beauty, I felt beautiful and adored
I gave my heart completely and my body followed suit
I still remember the scent of you and the taste of you kisses
Thank you for teaching me that love is more than a fairy tale

Poem copyright protected and the property of Victoria Ramsey.

Not to be used without permission.


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