Plum Colored Stains

The bruises stained her skin the color of unripe plums

The ones on her face already green and yellow, older

She wore them like merit badges, collecting them

He kept her inside, afraid the neighbors would see

She wanted them to see, see how she fought

She was courageous, a survivor, refused to let him win

When he went out he locked her in the bathroom

No windows to be seen, no way to run

She used this time to sleep, curled in the bathtub

Relaxing her guard, cocooned into a tight ball

She dreamed of running, escaping into the world

How long had it been since she had married him?

She called him Doctor Jekyll before she ran to hide

Why couldn’t she keep her mouth shut and ride out the storms?



Walk Away

And he said “I will not stop until you forgive me”

So he fell to his knees and beat his head against the floor

Wailing to be heard as I turned and walked away

He cast himself against the wall and beat upon his chest

I took all of my determination not to turn

I ached to take him in my arms, smooth his sweaty brow

I longed to hold him and kiss away his tears

His anguish tore at my heart

“Remain strong” I told myself

The pleading and promises have become too frequent

I am tired, I can’t do this anymore

I need to walk away, can’t give in again

Nobody ever told me it was going to be easy

Raising a seven year old was not for the faint of heart



She’s so maniacally twisted

View of life fatally fractured

She struts her stuff and sells herself

Kinky tricks no longer frighten her

She works the streets for her buzz

Constantly stalking another fix

Battered, broken, stuck and bleeding

She’s learned to enjoy torment

Bruised, choked, kicked and slashed

Her man takes all the silver

If there’s one thing she simply can’t abide,

It’s a john that’s out of paper


Little Girls

Long green bean legs and knobby knees

Pink tutu’s bobbing against shapeless thighs

Running and dancing, stopping to twirl

Wide eyed wonder in young girl’s eyes

Dimples in cheeks, she has two, you have one

Big tooth smiles, three teeth gone

See whose legs can faster run

Chasing each other across the lawn

Practicing dance moves they’ve created

Showing off gymnastic tricks

Cartwheels, handstands attempting splits

She can do them now, they’re all elated

Sisters and cousins creating bonds

Holding hands, heartfelt hugs

Innocent moments, good time sharing

Secret smiles and chasing fairies



Rolling around on the covers

Head knocking against the pillows

Too hard to use comfortably

Too hot to sleep,

Fan just moving the heat around

How long had he been without sleep?

Three days, five, hell it could have been a week

Autumn would be here in what three weeks, five?

It didn’t matter anyway

He’d never make it that long


What’s Become of Her

Gartered and girdled, ready to work

She straps on her hooker heels

Checks her purse for necessities

Cigarettes, condoms, mace, chocolate bars

She hits the street running,

Another day another dollar

Two years on this corner

A lifetime in this business

Seventeen and she believes she’s seen it all

She wears the scars on her body

Hides the ones in her heart and mind

Paints that smile on her face, sends her mind away

Another car stops, she bends into the window

Hi honey do you want to party?

The line rolls off her tongue

Her eyes fail to see what has become of her


Old Emily

Curly tendrils lie against her face

Aged the color of very old lace

Wrinkles scattered on her cheeks

Character lines showcasing history

Gnarled hands with bony fingers

Meet at narrow wrists, fragile

Age spots adorn her skin

Big girl freckles is how she thinks of them

Young woman trapped in decaying frame

Falling apart around her

Sits in her chair and watches herself sway

Twirling to the music that only she can hear


Grim Reaper

I feel your presence, you’re too close

Sucking the oxygen out of my air

Gasping, hyperventilating

Head spins, knees buckle

Feet jump out from under me

I wake up on the sidewalk

Your face in my space

Stand back, way back

Give her some air

They don’t understand

This is how you affect me

Back off, let me be

Bitter Bride

I own my thoughts, I share them freely

Let’s agree to disagree

I own my body, it’s my temple

You don’t have squatter’s rights

Marriage is a contract

It’s not a bill of sale

Let’s agree that my mind

and my body

Still belong to me

All in Vain

He rests in a vessel on Amy’s shelf

She longed to keep him to herself

She brought him home to keep him near

Held him tight and shed her tears

Photos propped against the vase

She created for his resting place

He sits there collecting dust

Holding necklaces is a plus

Linda took her life beneath the moon

His future then was also doomed

Sobriety bothered him the most

Haunted by her accusing ghost

Left behind with so much guilt

Hopes and dreams quickly wilt

He took drugs to kill the pain

A waste of life and all in vain

Poem copyright protected and the property of Victoria Ramsey.

Not to be used without permission.