Bitter Bride

I own my thoughts, I share them freely

Let’s agree to disagree

I own my body, it’s my temple

You don’t have squatter’s rights

Marriage is a contract

It’s not a bill of sale

Let’s agree that my mind

and my body

Still belong to me


7 thoughts on “Bitter Bride

      1. Wow I’m honored! 🙂 Drinking the Ink has photos and some of my favorite pieces. Wanderings of a Lonely Mind is a bit darker, and the pieces more raw not as elegant. Thank you for even asking! 🙂

      2. You are so welcome. I thought the same book because I love the title.I normally never read poetry because I don’t know what I’m doing, no training. It would just confuse this feeble mind.I just started photography and writing to exercise what’s left of my mind, a pastime. Thanks for answering. A great day to you! Victoria

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