Summer Promises

I sit feet dangling in the water, waves sloshing against sun brown legs
Splashing up on the dock boards, grayed and twisted by weather
Sun beating down on my almost bare back, burned and blistered
Slight breeze drying the salt flavored sweat that runs across my parched lips

I’ll wait right here, looking into the horizon, watching, and waiting
Cross eyed from the eye strain of staring into the sun, afraid to blink
Small fish leap the surface of the bay as seagull and pelican dive for food
I hope they don’t catch them; I hate to see them in yellow bills as birds fly away

Music blares from radios as boats head out into the bay, fishermen for gain or sport
Long days spent adrift on glassy sea, poles and nets dragging behind
Just them, the sea and sun, the rise and fall of the boat lapping over small waves
Cradle rocking, hypnotized by the gentle sway, rolling over ripples of others wakes

Summer days ebbing into autumn, cooler nights and cleansing rains
I have spent the summer on this dock, watching, awaiting your arrival
Many summers we have spent here together, are they over, just memories?
Am I foolish believing that you will arrive again, holding onto the summer promise that we as children made


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