Rains Have Arrived

Rain drops tumble from cloud flasks
leapfrogging across open spaces
Longing to be the first to cartwheel
across the parking lots and reach
the dried grasses beyond

Rivulets race down roofs
splashing into gutters
sliding down drainpipes
puddling into small ponds

Dark clouds sprint across
gray skies passing white fluffs
hurdling over smaller puffs
that stand in their way

Slow down water warriors
allow the earth time to
lap up your honey so that
not a drop will be wasted

(C) Victoria Ramsey


Autumn Shakes her Head

Sitting here under the old oak tree

on this red and black plaid wool

I feel particularly fallish.

Fingers poking out the tips of knitted

gloves, I turn pages in my book.

Summer has packed her bags and

taken hiatus to wherever she runs

from fall and winter.

I sip hot tea from a thermos and

ogle passersby, wrapped in warm

sweaters or scarves wrapped around

fashionable necks.

I savor the feel of the chill wind blowing

across my cheeks, not too cold,

but a definite bite in the air.

Leaves fall from overhead and layer on

my blanket. shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Soon the city workers will be raking leaves with

large tractors and the smell of smoke will

permeate the air as Autumn shakes her head

in the wind and leaves continue to fall.

(C)Victoria Ramsey

Rhapsody in the Rain

Seventeen, I fell in love with you

Front seat of your parents Riviera

Parked on a country road

Rain pelting the roof of the car

Wipers screaming swoosh, swoosh, swoosh as they failed to

Keep up with the waterfall running down the windshield

Lightning flashes across the sky

Illuminating your face, eyes closed

Your lips pressed to mine

I thought it was meant to be

Teenage hormones raging

Carried away in the moment

Our breath keeping time to the wipers tempo

Your kisses my first

Seared into my heart, my soul

Memories that I carry with me still

A perfect night to fall in love

We wrote our initials on the steamy windows

Vowed we’d love one another forever

Today I don’t even remember your name

(C) victoria ramsey

Crumbs of Life

I wander my very small world

Searching for life for my photos

I snap what I can find, smidgeons

Like the crumbs that drop from

The big cookie as it is eaten

I never eat the cookie, just shoot

The bits that fall from other mouths

I immortalize them and call them mine

I edit them and make them pretty

I call them my story


Dance of the Dustmites

I sit here in my overstuffed chair
Thin legs barely reaching the ottoman
Bright light slanting through an opening in the blinds
Casting prisms on the far wall

I smile as I watch small fairies dance in the light
Twinkling and twirling as they float across the suns beam
Swaying to the music that fills the air
As the orchestra plays from the stage behind me

I find my head swaying along with the dancing fairies
As my hands raise and lower, keeping time with the orchestra
A silly smile lights my face and my eyes gleam
In merriment, my face flushes with excitement

Eventually a cloud rolls across the sun, the light beam fades
The dancing fairies disappear as does the orchestra
My gnarled hands rest in my lap, the smile slips from my face
As the nurse tucks the blanket tightly around my knees

My ears continue to ring as I slip into a deep sleep
And my chin falls to my chest
Here in this overstuffed chair where my legs barely
Reach the ottoman

(C) Victoria Feathers