Rhapsody in the Rain

Seventeen, I fell in love with you

Front seat of your parents Riviera

Parked on a country road

Rain pelting the roof of the car

Wipers screaming swoosh, swoosh, swoosh as they failed to

Keep up with the waterfall running down the windshield

Lightning flashes across the sky

Illuminating your face, eyes closed

Your lips pressed to mine

I thought it was meant to be

Teenage hormones raging

Carried away in the moment

Our breath keeping time to the wipers tempo

Your kisses my first

Seared into my heart, my soul

Memories that I carry with me still

A perfect night to fall in love

We wrote our initials on the steamy windows

Vowed we’d love one another forever

Today I don’t even remember your name

(C) victoria ramsey


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