Doorbell chirrs its short peal
I pull it open to a ghost from the past
Your aged face, eyes aglow,
Competing with Christmas lights strung behind you

Cold wind swirls around you,
blowing snow around our feet
I step back as you enter, still silent
Breath stuck in my ribs, no words in my head

Cold lips brush mine, still flavored with bourbon
Frigid fingers grasp mine, I untangle and step back
Memories gusting in my mind, feelings unwarranted
Shaking my head, words unspoken, I reopen the door
And watch as you once again walk away





Lips say “I forgive you”

Hatred clenches in your heart.


Eyes look right through you

As tears wash down your face.


Hands clasp in greeting.

Then yours wipe across your thigh.


A voice says you have value.

Yours says “You are a disgrace.”


I try to understand you.

You know it’s too late to try.

@2015 Victoria Ramsey