Your words

You dip your words in silver, pre delivery
They fly from your lips, missiles tearing the air
Silver drones aimed at targets, meant to destroy
Silver bullet verbiage ripping them to shreds

(c) Victoria Ramsey


Shadow in Your Eyes

I gaze at your once handsome face
and see a road map of your many lies.
You’ve told your stories countless times,
you now believe they’re true.
Worldwide travels, lifetime of adventure,
you’ve never been that far from home.

The faded blue of your eyes,
no longer are they bright.
I believed it came with age,
I now know that is not true.
It is the shadow in your eyes
emitted from your dark inside.

(c) Victoria Ramsey @2014

Sweet Holiday

Long days spent floating on lakes of green Jello
Whipping cream clouds floating overhead
Large white dollops melting across the blue sky
Pale blue the color of peace, solitude, freshness

I raise my hand; run my finger through the clouds
Lick the sugary cream from the tip of my pinkie
Another beautiful day savoring the sweetness of the holiday
Soon the maraschino cherry sun will set and the day will end

(c) Victoria Ramsey


Sailing on ships, waving red flags
Surging waves, pounding rough seas
Tortured thoughts, frantic cries
Frightened night time traveler
There will be no sleep again tonight

Floating on gentle salty waves
Sun warmed body, mind wandering
Languid hours of gentle dreams
Stretched on sandy blankets
Drifting in and out of consciousness

(c) Victoria Ramsey


She tortured herself with what ifs
Reliving every instant of her life
Things could have been different, if
Rewriting scenarios with new knowledge

New understandings, enlightenment’s
Shrugging off the little stuff that had hurt
her to the core, deep scars, peeled away with time
Too many moments, years, a lifetime regretting

Now aged to perfection, a fine wine, confident
Worldly, well-traveled, wizened yet still alone
A lifetime spent perfecting moments past
A lifetime she had failed to live in the present

(c) Victoria Ramsey 2015