Always Forever

We wrote our story upon the pages of our lives
Stories entwined in detailed journals of youth
Busy scribblings of young adulthood, ramblings
of coming of age, settling down and making our marks

Long chapters eventually evolved to few pages
Revelations of living day to day, careers, child rearing, tireless
love strengthened by dedication and lifelong habits
Repetitious scrawls across thin blue lines filling journals

Age and time erase all good intentions
Lifetime habits wane and diminish the ink jottings
Short sentences replace the pages of shared memories and longings
Calendar dates notating day’s events; birthdays, funerals, appointments

Every hour of every long day spent together
Thankful for the company, gentle conversations
Helpful hands that assist in activities once so simple
A love so deep, sometimes buried behind the fog of today

(C)Victoria Ramsey



My arm reaches; I grasp your hand, fingers entwined
I lead you slowly through tall grass, stepping carefully
beyond stately trees to a hidden land, magical and silent
We reach a clearing; our lips clasp one another, hungrily

One hand cups my neck, fingers tangle in my hair
Its mate stroking my hip, my tongue traces your neck
Your slightly salty skin stings my lips, I lick the salt away
Our greedy mouths at war with one another, tongues sparring

We disrobe one another, pulling, tugging, discarding clothing
Naked I stand before you, startled by your beauty as always
Perfect skin, rippled muscles, lean flanks, chocolate eyes devouring me
You smile your solar smile, one dimple in your left cheek, and I know

(c) Victoria Ramsey

I Am Three

Coffee at my kitchen table, tired, didn’t sleep it seems.
Hands wrapped tightly around the hot mug,
relishing the burn, feeling the pain, feeling something.
She sits across from me, again, this is how we spend the day.
She knows I relish these early moments alone.
Me, drinking coffee, watching the sun come up.

I take a drink and cringe
I’ve forgotten the sugar again.
Forgetting things, empty blocks of time.
Wishing I was back in bed.
Why do I get up before the sun,
awake too many late nights, too many shots,
shooters for a dollar, dancing on the bar..

I always like green tea in bed, reading the paper,
preparing for the day.
Looking for my cigarettes, while I prepare my tea.
Inhale, exhale, smoke filling up my lungs.
Take a pill with my tea, take two they’re small,
gotta stop the pain.
Another day in a dead end job…

Finish my coffee, tastes more like green tea.
What is wrong with me, my mouth tastes
like an ashtray.
Must be this cheap coffee…
Staring at my watch, its dinner time.
It happened again, I’ve been sitting at this
table all day long and haven’t done a thing.

(c) Victoria Ramsey @2014

I Was There

I shall not tread quietly into this New Year
Rather make my presence heard
Heartfelt greetings to those unknown
Embraces for the lonely and laughter for the sad

I shall slam a few doors upon entering
Leave footprint trails in sand and snow
I will dance with the sun as it rises
And kiss the moon goodnight

No counting days as they eclipse
While sitting in my chair
I shall sign my name to every day
They will know that I was there

(c) Victoria Ramsey