Always Forever

We wrote our story upon the pages of our lives
Stories entwined in detailed journals of youth
Busy scribblings of young adulthood, ramblings
of coming of age, settling down and making our marks

Long chapters eventually evolved to few pages
Revelations of living day to day, careers, child rearing, tireless
love strengthened by dedication and lifelong habits
Repetitious scrawls across thin blue lines filling journals

Age and time erase all good intentions
Lifetime habits wane and diminish the ink jottings
Short sentences replace the pages of shared memories and longings
Calendar dates notating day’s events; birthdays, funerals, appointments

Every hour of every long day spent together
Thankful for the company, gentle conversations
Helpful hands that assist in activities once so simple
A love so deep, sometimes buried behind the fog of today

(C)Victoria Ramsey


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