Make every moment a memory

And every second a dance


2016 @ Victoria Ramsey




Your words follow me throughout the day

Whispering in my ears

Nibbling at the edges of my mind

When I attempt to block them

Their screams echo in my head


I’m listening I whisper, uttering small sounds

They feel like responses to your pleas

I know they’re not real, could fool no one

I admit I hope you’re soothed and comforted

By the small gestures, although I know they’re empty


I have no answers, only more questions to confound you

Blind leading the blind, hands behind our backs

Bumping into obstacles and stumbling down dead ends

Repeating words muttered over and over again

Cursing our luck, forgetting to be thankful for the small things

(c) Victoria Ramsey


I will wrap you up in spider webs, make my own cocoon
When death comes to collect you he will find an empty room
I do not want to see you go, please stay here with me
Until they find a cure, then I’ll set you free

Victoria Ramsey @2016

Always in my heart

I admit I’m not a good friend when it comes to staying close
To this I must confess, please believe me when I say
If you could look inside my heart you’d see your photo there
Check marks on its surface of days you have been missed

Memories etched deeply into my mind of happy times we shared
I’ve no time for recalling miseries; I will not lament
I stick my head into the sand and hide from life’s malcontent
I refuse to share my problems and I can’t take your worries home

I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you or caused you suffering, it’s never my intent
I hold you close in friendship; I keep you in my heart
I pray for you always, wishing only the best
If we are out of touch it is in voice only, you are always in my heart

(c) Victoria Ramsey 2016