A heart softened by hard lessons learned

Lifetime of struggles, nothing free in return

Searching for comfort, kind words, a helping hand,

Nothing as simple as a smile is earned


Hard work, a body crushed and rebuilt

A lifetime of pain, he suffers alone

He never complains, expects no sympathy

Takes his stripes quietly, believes he’s a man


He’ll give you the shirt off his back if you ask

Expects nothing in return, and you don’t disappoint

You have no conscience in using this broken man

As he struggles to survive, surviving each day that he can


He’s made mistakes, no doubt about it

Things he cannot change, they certainly haunt him

He’s paid dearly here on Earth

Questioned his faith and also his worth


He’s neglected himself at his body’s expense

Now he sits quietly seeking no recompense

Whiling his time until the reaper appears

Taking his stripes, never shedding a tear

(c)victoria ramsey@2016


Simple Girl

I’m a simple girl impressed by the small things in life.
Given a choice I would wander a pathway through the
woods or across a meadow.
I’ve traveled the autobahn in fast cars, it’s not for me.
You can keep your diamonds and exquisite bouquets.
Win my heart by bringing me a discounted rosebush
and asking me to save it.

Ball gowns and limousines don’t impress me.
Fancy restaurant’s with French menus don’t mean a thing.
Take me for a ride on your tractor and feed me
corn you prepared on the grill, you’ll own my heart.

I don’t care for concerts or Broadway. Not impressed with fame.
Strum your guitar and sing off key, as we sit on the porch,
you’ll have my rapt attention.
When you’re alone with me I know that’s where you want
to be.

victoria ramsey @2015

Love Is Like a Pair of Boots


I crawl on my knees for you,
I beg you and I plead.
I fillet my heart for you
and lay it at your feet.

You are a mountain
that I cannot move.
Do you have a heart of stone
or has it been removed?

How do you bury your emotion?
I can’t understand that notion.
How can love be this way?
Please teach me to walk away.

Love is like a pair of boots,
you break them in and wear them often.
When you tire of them you throw them out
or store them in the closet.

For a time you wore them both on
any given day.
When one pair began to pinch
you tossed them in the corner
and then you walked away.

It matters not how you use them.
or how their souls fare.
You’ve always got that other pair,
that you are free to wear.

(c) victoria ramsey 2016