A heart softened by hard lessons learned

Lifetime of struggles, nothing free in return

Searching for comfort, kind words, a helping hand,

Nothing as simple as a smile is earned


Hard work, a body crushed and rebuilt

A lifetime of pain, he suffers alone

He never complains, expects no sympathy

Takes his stripes quietly, believes he’s a man


He’ll give you the shirt off his back if you ask

Expects nothing in return, and you don’t disappoint

You have no conscience in using this broken man

As he struggles to survive, surviving each day that he can


He’s made mistakes, no doubt about it

Things he cannot change, they certainly haunt him

He’s paid dearly here on Earth

Questioned his faith and also his worth


He’s neglected himself at his body’s expense

Now he sits quietly seeking no recompense

Whiling his time until the reaper appears

Taking his stripes, never shedding a tear

(c)victoria ramsey@2016


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