Simple Girl

I’m a simple girl impressed by the small things in life.
Given a choice I would wander a pathway through the
woods or across a meadow.
I’ve traveled the autobahn in fast cars, it’s not for me.
You can keep your diamonds and exquisite bouquets.
Win my heart by bringing me a discounted rosebush
and asking me to save it.

Ball gowns and limousines don’t impress me.
Fancy restaurant’s with French menus don’t mean a thing.
Take me for a ride on your tractor and feed me
corn you prepared on the grill, you’ll own my heart.

I don’t care for concerts or Broadway. Not impressed with fame.
Strum your guitar and sing off key, as we sit on the porch,
you’ll have my rapt attention.
When you’re alone with me I know that’s where you want
to be.

victoria ramsey @2015


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