Choking on the smoke of too many cigarettes
Strangled by the comfort they afford him
Yellow stained fingers on shaking hands
Poisonous fumes his only pleasure

She cannot help him, he refuses to understand
Killing himself slowly, puff by lonely puff
Isolation a prison of his own design
Locked inside, a price for reckless decisions
Made decades ago

A lifetime spent making choices with no
Understanding of consequences
Or payments that must be extracted
From mind and body in the distant future

Too late, interest too high on debts accumulated
Defeated and alone, he sits and waits for the final
Payment to be demanded from this broken man
Waiting moment to moment, puff to puff

(c)victoria ramsey @2016


2 thoughts on “Reckless

    1. Why thank you! I had my brother here for a week, such a lost soul. He says all he has is cigarettes, so sad. Even though he was allowed to smoke outside only I still smell it, yuk!

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