Summer Fruit


Purple plum juice drips from the corner of his lips

Slowly streams down the sculpted chin and drops

To his white tee shirt forming red blots

His lips curve up and blue eyes light as he leers


Flames burn in her cheeks as she watches him eat

Surely he can read her mind, the joy he takes in his plum

She tastes the syrup and feels the press of fruity lips

Against her own hungry mouth, embarrassed thoughts


Sliding from the lichen blanketed table she drops

to the carpeted ground taking two steps forward

He continues sucking the juice from his plum

Unblinking eyes smile along with his darkened lips


He stands upright, pulling relaxed hips from the table’s edge

Breath catching in her throat, her hand grasps her neck

Pretty feet move forward of their own volition

His back turns to her as he saunters away, smug grin on chiseled face







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