An hour in the sun


Head titled back against the worn wooden bench

Chin pointed at the sun she closes her eyes

Content to listen to birds unseen, sun warming

Her flushed face from cheeks to chest, buttons undone


She imagines waves lapping against her bare feet

Feeling not green grass so much as warm sand to tuck her toes into

The laughter and calls of children playing around her

Take her back to long summer days spent on Michigan beaches


Sparing breezes wisp across her damp forehead

Moving strands of hair over her temples to tickle

And fan the glistening sheen on her face

The corners of her mouth turn up as delicate fingers caress


One eye opens partway and squints at her gold watch

Times has idled on and a quarter hour remains

Allowing her to sit and daydream on this old wooden bench

Carved by time and lovers who immortalized their forever love

(C) victoria ramsey



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