God Mourns


The mingled scent of jasmine, rose, and oleander usually intoxicating

Becomes cloying in the early morning mist, the humidity trapping the scent.

Bird song a cacophony so shrill it blisters the eardrums;

once sweet music telegraphed from the ears directly to the heart.


Dark gray clouds tent the land to hold back the sunshine

Flowers hang their heads and shrink into themselves

The earth is parched; cracks split the land where rivers flowed

Love has died; hearts stopped beating, stones wrapped in apathy


The cloying smells cover the scent of death of honesty, character and loyalty

Shrill cacophony replaces the art of conversation and compromise

Charcoal replaces the colors of the rainbow, a world of monochrome tilts

People stumble in the gray fog refusing to lift their eyes to Heaven, God mourns

(C) Victoria Ramsey


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