About me, I am Victoria

My name is Victoria, it means Victorious. I never understood how this applied to me until I was given a twenty percent chance of surviving cancer. A very rare cancer, 1,200 people in the US have it and little was know about it at the time I was diagnosed. I had two more cancers during this time. I have just passed the five year mark for the Merkle Cell cancer. I am a survivor!

I believe in God and prayer and miracles. God showed me many miracles and sent me many angels. He walked me through the fire and I came out on the other side. I was not unscathed, but he gives me the courage and strength to overcome all obstacles.

Through God I am victorious, I am Victoria. I am jubilant in my life, I celebrate successes, happiness, and beauty. I find beauty everywhere and I share it. I share my sunrises and sunsets, flowers popping from the earth, waves in the water and clouds in the skies. I would like to share my world with you.



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