Simple Girl

I’m a simple girl impressed by the small things in life.
Given a choice I would wander a pathway through the
woods or across a meadow.
I’ve traveled the autobahn in fast cars, it’s not for me.
You can keep your diamonds and exquisite bouquets.
Win my heart by bringing me a discounted rosebush
and asking me to save it.

Ball gowns and limousines don’t impress me.
Fancy restaurant’s with French menus don’t mean a thing.
Take me for a ride on your tractor and feed me
corn you prepared on the grill, you’ll own my heart.

I don’t care for concerts or Broadway. Not impressed with fame.
Strum your guitar and sing off key, as we sit on the porch,
you’ll have my rapt attention.
When you’re alone with me I know that’s where you want
to be.

victoria ramsey @2015


Love Is Like a Pair of Boots


I crawl on my knees for you,
I beg you and I plead.
I fillet my heart for you
and lay it at your feet.

You are a mountain
that I cannot move.
Do you have a heart of stone
or has it been removed?

How do you bury your emotion?
I can’t understand that notion.
How can love be this way?
Please teach me to walk away.

Love is like a pair of boots,
you break them in and wear them often.
When you tire of them you throw them out
or store them in the closet.

For a time you wore them both on
any given day.
When one pair began to pinch
you tossed them in the corner
and then you walked away.

It matters not how you use them.
or how their souls fare.
You’ve always got that other pair,
that you are free to wear.

(c) victoria ramsey 2016

I Dance

I dance between satin sheets
Pirouette, plie, jete
Deep breaths, rounded arms
Smile frozen to my face

Tangled and twisted in satin
The jete incomplete
Dreams aborted
Wet satin, color of the sky

Dreams of dance
Color of despair
Lifetime of training
Danced between satin sheets

(c) victoria ramsey



Tears stream over bloodshot orbs

Concealed behind shaded lids

Painful heart pounding in a chest

That can bear no more weight


Artificial smile sculpted to a face

Of alabaster, carved to conceal

Designed to blend into crowds of

Imposters, pretending pretty lives


A lifetime of hiding, blending, fitting in

Painting on smiles before venturing out

Memorizing full pages of good will,

Pleasantries to spew without thought


Your inability or unwillingness

To adapt to life’s opportunities

I cannot reach you

I walk away alone

(c) 2016 victoria ramsey

I will not forget


Your fingerprints upon our lives

Your footprints across our hearts

Your voice whispering in our minds


Tears stream down our faces

You touched our souls

You left your mark

Tattooed across our being


I will not miss you at all

You are forever in my heart

I see you in the clouds

Hear you in the wind


Your laugh rumbles in the sky

Others think it thunder

I know that it is you

No, I for one will not miss you

(c) victoria ramsey



Your words follow me throughout the day

Whispering in my ears

Nibbling at the edges of my mind

When I attempt to block them

Their screams echo in my head


I’m listening I whisper, uttering small sounds

They feel like responses to your pleas

I know they’re not real, could fool no one

I admit I hope you’re soothed and comforted

By the small gestures, although I know they’re empty


I have no answers, only more questions to confound you

Blind leading the blind, hands behind our backs

Bumping into obstacles and stumbling down dead ends

Repeating words muttered over and over again

Cursing our luck, forgetting to be thankful for the small things

(c) Victoria Ramsey


I will wrap you up in spider webs, make my own cocoon
When death comes to collect you he will find an empty room
I do not want to see you go, please stay here with me
Until they find a cure, then I’ll set you free

Victoria Ramsey @2016

Always in my heart

I admit I’m not a good friend when it comes to staying close
To this I must confess, please believe me when I say
If you could look inside my heart you’d see your photo there
Check marks on its surface of days you have been missed

Memories etched deeply into my mind of happy times we shared
I’ve no time for recalling miseries; I will not lament
I stick my head into the sand and hide from life’s malcontent
I refuse to share my problems and I can’t take your worries home

I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you or caused you suffering, it’s never my intent
I hold you close in friendship; I keep you in my heart
I pray for you always, wishing only the best
If we are out of touch it is in voice only, you are always in my heart

(c) Victoria Ramsey 2016

Always Forever

We wrote our story upon the pages of our lives
Stories entwined in detailed journals of youth
Busy scribblings of young adulthood, ramblings
of coming of age, settling down and making our marks

Long chapters eventually evolved to few pages
Revelations of living day to day, careers, child rearing, tireless
love strengthened by dedication and lifelong habits
Repetitious scrawls across thin blue lines filling journals

Age and time erase all good intentions
Lifetime habits wane and diminish the ink jottings
Short sentences replace the pages of shared memories and longings
Calendar dates notating day’s events; birthdays, funerals, appointments

Every hour of every long day spent together
Thankful for the company, gentle conversations
Helpful hands that assist in activities once so simple
A love so deep, sometimes buried behind the fog of today

(C)Victoria Ramsey